Saturday, May 23, 2015

26 Day Shopping Ban

If the title post didn't give it away already, I want to challenge myself to a 26 day shopping ban starting right. Now. I got the idea from Helga and immediately thought to myself "hmmm I could do that!" In fact, I should do that. I was cleaning my room the other day and was honestly disgusted by the amount of stuff I've acquired throughout the last couple of years. It may not seem like a lot but in comparison to my tiny apartment and my tiny room, things are really starting to pile up. And breaking it down to the basics, I probably only use or wear 40% of it. Well enough is enough, and with 26 days left until my planned summer road trip, its the perfect time to save some cash and start downsizing to the bare essentials. I think the older I get, the more I internalize that less is more and remembering cost-per-wear/use ratio when it comes to buying.

Will keep you updated!

<3 Jay

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